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The dance was quite good compared to the other stuff Mollie has done but, when its compared to Joe’s, it just wasn’t amazing! There were some issues on some of the steps that looked a bit clunky and messy but I can’t fault a lot of the frame during the dance as well as the steps were all executed well while they were running around that floor at great speed. However, unlike Joe, I just don’t see much personality from Mollie when she dances and it all just seems a bit basic. She is a good dancer, you can’t doubt that – I am just not drawn to her dancing or the way she acts during a dance, she really needs to improve her ability to connect to a dance to stay in this competition!

Mollie & AJ – Charleston – 29 (6,7,8,8)

A great way to open the show, it was a very good concept and the costumes were fantastic. However I thought that mollie could have worked on her swivel a bit more. Well done to the pair on those lifts as well.

My favourite dance. One of my favourite pros, let’s see what happens! I mean can we agree that her dress is absolutely stunning? I like all the basic charleston stuff that AJ put in but, if you remember Pixie Lott’s one, she also has the case of widespread, ugly legs. They just looked uncomfortable when they were doing the swivel action BUT she had some nice energy, the other moves were nicely executed and the lifts were something of a spectacle! It was by no far the best Charleston I’ve seen but it wasn’t the worst! People said there wasnt enough content, but I saw a good amount just it wasnt all executed the right way. She also wasnt as cooky and quirky as I like this dance but, for the concept, it was a nice *just nice* dance!

Mollie & AJ – Paso Doble – 22 (5,6,6,5)

A great effort from Mollie, the music choice for this dance was fantastic and fit really well. However I think mollie was a little wobbly in places and unsure of her self which is a shame as it had lots of potential.

½ stills from last nights Strictly Come Dancing

Mollie & AJ 27 – Foxtrot – (6,7,7,7)

Mollie’s strength is definitely ballroom, she has great poise and elegance for these Styles of dances and has improved a lot since Week one.

It was semi-surprising last week that she was in the bottom two but it definitely wasn’t the best dance either of them have produced. She is definitely more comfortable in ballroom and ballroom (especially the foxtrot) is one of my favourite dances so this has to be a comeback for her! This dance is definitely a lot more Molly with the 1920s Hollywood shine and sophistication! The two of them do have this perfect chemistry *boo me* as they glide across the floor. I can’t not mention that quite obvious stumble in the middle of the dance but she got straight back into the dance and got back into the dance very easily. Even with the mistake, it was so much better and nicer to watch than last week… just don’t let that chemistry get too serious AJ!

Mollie & AJ – Cha-Cha-Cha – 27 (6,7,7,7)

Not my favourite dance from Mollie, it looked like she really struggled with the Cha Cha, I think this dance has been difficult for the celebrities this year. However it was a good effort and she looked great.

½ stills from last night’s Halloween Special

AJ is definitely the devil 😉 Yes baby you admire your perfect reflection! Sadly, I normally really love AJ’s choreography but this week it just seemed a bit lack luster, maybe that was just on Molly’s behalf. Yet, I can say that Molly was pretty good technically because I saw her straight legs and she did try to to get that hip action and character into the dance. I would have liked to see Molly let loose a bit more but I mean, the dance wasn’t that impactful and I don’t know if it’s one to remember…except AJ’s abs… Maybe its just I’ve seen more bigger and brighter cha cha’s but that’s not to say it was an awful dance because it wasn’t, it was pretty good! I just didn’t think the song was that good which maybe led to my meh feeling to the choreography, it wasn’t as dynamic as I’d like!