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Goodbye to David & Nadiya

David has been wonderful to watch, he was improving each week and was giving it his all. Unfortunately, I think the Jive was just not his dance and he was becoming a really good ballroom dancer.

David & Nadiya – Jive – 3, 4, 4, 5 16

David looked a little unsure of himself with this dance, he had good kicks and flicks and also a bit of bounce which surprised me. Nice control in the tricks like when Nadiya was going through his legs. There were few mistakes but he was able to carry on.

David & Nadiya – Quickstep – 6, 7, 7, 8 28

Oh my god this was such an improvement from David, he looked confident and like he was having fun. He had better musicality unfortunate he not in sync with nadiya at points. It’s still not 100% there but he did so well and I think this will give him a massive boost. I must also say it was a brilliant song choice and very well sung.

David & Nadiya – Batman – American Smooth – 4, 4, 4, 4 16

This was such a big improvement on last week from David, he looked so much more confident and you could tell that he was enjoying it a lot more. He didn’t put a foot wrong and was actually really graceful with some brilliant lifts that looked smooth and Nadiya looked so safe in his hands. I’m really glad that he has managed to grow so much in under a week.

David & Nadiya – Paso doble – 2, 3, 2, 3 10

Unfortunately the Cape work wasn’t great at the beginning and I think it threw him off for the rest of the dance. He also kept breaking character by smiling which was a shame as although he was showing that he was enjoying it he needed to be stern and serious for this dance. However, he was strong and dominate which is good for the paso.

Such a lovely pairing I’m excited for David & Nadiya are you ?

The Professional Dancers of 2019 Series 17

Strictly Come Dancing the Professionals

Yesterday I went and saw the Strictly Come Dancing: The Professionals Tour, and it was absolutely amazing!

Each dancer got to talk about their experience on Strictly as well as their background and how they got into dancing. We got t9 learn a little but more abou them all which was lovely. They also showed bits from the show including some of the funniest moments, the most dramatic as well as a montage of Blackpool performances.

The dancers were Dianne, Karen, Nadiya, Katya, Oti, Neil, AJ, Gorka, Pasha and Giovanni. And they were all fantastic (as always)

The highlights for me were;

. Giovanni – he was so funny and had some great interaction with the audience and his performance was absolutely stunning.

.Oti – It was a joy to get to see her dance, she is just phenomenal and didn’t put a foot wrong.

. The singers – Patrick Smyth and Alison Jiear were outstanding! Such incredible voices and they interacted with the dances and were incorporated in the routines which was brilliant to see and much better that them just standing at the back with the band

. Pasha’s farewell – Nadiya came out and delivered a lovely speech about Pasha, he then performed some of his best bits including the Charleston he performed with Caroline Flack and the Salsa he did with Ashley last year. At the end of his performance he received a standing ovation from the entire theatre.

It was a brilliantly put together show, very well thought out and a lovely concept. And the dancers were all fantastic, you could see that the were loving performing all together and talking about there pasts and Strictly.

Very sad to see Lee leave the show as I think he has so much potential to become a really good dancer if he were given the opportunity, I think unfortunately the cha cha was just not his dance.

Lee & Nadiya – Back to the Future – Cha-Cha – (3, 5, 5, 6) 19

A disappointing dance from Lee & Nadiya which is very unfortunate as he has a lot of potential. I think he is better suited to the ballroom dances, where he is more confident in hold. A nice touch with the hover board and the Delorean but wasn’t Lee’s best dance.