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Movie Week Part 1

Vick and Graziano – Salsa

Mamma Mia is probably one of my favourite films of all time and a salsa to this song has to be a match made in heaven. So, I mean there was quite a lot of faff at the start but, when she did do salsa, it was pretty decent. She’s so light footed and she did have great hip action and was so perfect in the role as Donna. However, no fault of Vick, there didn’t seem to be enough Salsa and I saw a lot more samba content that resembled Danny and Oti’s samba. BUT, the lifts were great and I did enjoy watching it even though I’m a bit unsure about the choreography

Dr Ranj and Janette – Quickstep

Sorry, let me clarify, Disney is my favourite thing and, because I’m Indian, my dream is to be Princess Jasmine – I also love the quickstep so 🙂 I do wish they’d done it to One Jump Ahead but man, was that a great dance even though the song wasn’t the best! There were some issues where I saw him hesitate but the story telling was great, he was so light on his feet and most of his footwork was on point – it was so adorable and I love them <3

Lee and Nadiya – Cha Cha

After last week, I was wondering how he’d bounce back. I saw him attempt those straight legs but the problem was that it wasn’t there a lot of the time BUT I did see him trying to get into it even with those camp walks. I just don’t think this was his dance and, apart from looking proper into it, he just didn’t have the fundamentals!



Davood and Nadiya – Argentine Tango

He doesn’t have any expectations because he is the first male to attempt it but I have great expectations for Davood just because of his manliness, ability to lead and his acting ability! Well, what a powerful dance that was? I can’t even fault it in anyway! It was dynamic, fast pace, manly, controlling, passionate and staccato. I did see stumbles at the start but no where near as bad as the judges are making it out to be – it was full of control and manliness and it seemed as if he was in good control of this dance. I am disappointed with the judges because they are not giving him enough credit for a dance that is so hard for the man, I hope people pick up the phone and vote for him because he deserves to get through!

All the couples dancing in the Paso Doble-a-th…

All the couples dancing in the Paso Doble-a-thon

Paso Doble-a-thon

God I don’t even know what to write her because there were just so many things happening in this dance but here’y my points:

– Davood looked extremely dapper in that outfit

– Susan looked out of her depth but really did try

– Kevin didnt look shocked at all when they got eliminated but looked cute when their name got called out

– Molly looked fairly tired toward the end

– Alexandra slayed with her facial expressions

– I expected more from Debbie, if I’m honest


Davood and Nadiya – Waltz

This dance is one of the most beautiful dances in the world! Davood always manages to capture me into whatever he does and the two of them look absolutely heavenly in this dance! He moved across that floor with such grace and elegance and, for the most of it, it was technically beautiful and well executed. I did see some issues where his arm slightly dropped and there was a bit of gap between his and Nadiya’s arm and *I missed it* but there was an illegal lift (or Nadiya’s foot lifted up) but that’s no fault of his. I couldn’t see much else wrong with the dance and it was another dance that looked like it came straight out of a movie!

Davood and Nadiya – Paso Doble

Look at that sublime paso face and that torso man! This is a pure Blackpool spectacular and you can already see that beautiful arch in his back and that shaping in his his arms and that lunge and that… oh my. He really is giving his all to this dance and it is pure drama and fire, which Davood always gives us with his acting career. I always feel like I’m watching a Bollywood film when he dances with the way he domineers that floor and leads like a true man! He definitely got into that James Bond character and he looked and danced the part which made it exciting and lovely for me to watch!

Davood and Nadiya – American Smooth

I love this song gah! Apart from the occasional spatula hand out of hold, this dance was a breath of fresh air for Davood and I really enjoyed Nadiya’s choreography – it was stunning and spectacular and I can’t praise her enough! It was so effortless and classy and I could just see his smile all the way through and it just made me feel nice and warm inside because he is so easy to watch. I also, once again, can’t forget those amazing lifts which were some of the most spectacular things I have ever seen. It looked like it belonged in a movie and I would happily watch it again and again! It was pure Hollywood class and glitz – WELL DONE DAVOOD!

½ stills from last night’s Halloween Special

½ stills from last night’s Halloween Special

Davood and Nadiya – Rumba

Ew Rumba. But hello Davood attempting to that oh so difficult hip action and actually not making it look a bit weird and awkward. It’s one of the only times I’ve ever seen a male celebrity really get into the feel and the story of the dance – there is a real connection between the two of them and it’s almost like a bubble full of electricity. I have to commend Davood for putting his all into this dance because he could easily have been half arsed but it really was a good attempt at an absolutely disgusting dance. I really did enjoy watching this and he embraced his more feminine and sensitive side!