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Strictly Come Dancing the Professionals

Yesterday I went and saw the Strictly Come Dancing: The Professionals Tour, and it was absolutely amazing!

Each dancer got to talk about their experience on Strictly as well as their background and how they got into dancing. We got t9 learn a little but more abou them all which was lovely. They also showed bits from the show including some of the funniest moments, the most dramatic as well as a montage of Blackpool performances.

The dancers were Dianne, Karen, Nadiya, Katya, Oti, Neil, AJ, Gorka, Pasha and Giovanni. And they were all fantastic (as always)

The highlights for me were;

. Giovanni – he was so funny and had some great interaction with the audience and his performance was absolutely stunning.

.Oti – It was a joy to get to see her dance, she is just phenomenal and didn’t put a foot wrong.

. The singers – Patrick Smyth and Alison Jiear were outstanding! Such incredible voices and they interacted with the dances and were incorporated in the routines which was brilliant to see and much better that them just standing at the back with the band

. Pasha’s farewell – Nadiya came out and delivered a lovely speech about Pasha, he then performed some of his best bits including the Charleston he performed with Caroline Flack and the Salsa he did with Ashley last year. At the end of his performance he received a standing ovation from the entire theatre.

It was a brilliantly put together show, very well thought out and a lovely concept. And the dancers were all fantastic, you could see that the were loving performing all together and talking about there pasts and Strictly.


For their beautiful contemporary showdance, it was incredibly moving and emotional to watch. Ashley was so effortless and graceful. This dance really showed the strengths Ashley has and how good a dancer she really is.

I know that others may have different views, these awards are decided by my own opinion


For the week 12 – Musicals week dance of. The semi final dance of is normally the best dance of in the seires, this is because both couples have made it so far and deserve to be in the final and they both fantastic dancers. This is o different with Charles & Ashley.

I know that others may have different views, these awards are decided by my own opinion

The Strictly Award for MOST SHOCKING MOMENT goes to ASHLEY & PASHA

For finding themselves in the dance off in Week 10, after a fantastic Samba and being consistently high scoring and near the top if not at the top of the leaderboard each week.

I know that others may have different views, these awards are decided by my own opinion


Who performed a fantastic lift in there Dirty Dancing Week 3 – Movie Special Salsa. There was a lot of pressure on Ashley to get a lift as iconic as this one right, otherwise it would have ended in disaster. However, she managed to control her nerves and get the lift right on the night! ( and then again in the final)

I know that others may have different views, these awards are decided by my own opinion

Ashley & Pasha

Ashley & Pasha – 36 (9,9,9,9) – Paso Doble

This dance has the right amount of drama and intensity, you could see Ashley really getting into the character for the dance. She produced some wonderful lines and shape. But unfortunately, for me it seemed to forced and placed, as though you could predict the next move.

American Smooth – 40 (10,10,10,10)

This dance was fantastic, as always Ashley nailed the character, it was fun and cheeky, with the righ amount of dance as well as performance. Some fantastic lifts in there which were a big risk, and the section they did on top of the car was perfect.

Ashley & Pasha – 38 (9,10,9,10) – Quickstep

I was surprised at just how quick this dance was, I’m very impressed that Ashley managed to keep up and not make any mistakes because that would have completely thrown the whole dance off. I do agree with Shirley that I was all a bit busy, but as it was Musicals Week I could see what they were trying to do.

Ashley & Pasha – Jive – (10,10,10,10)40

The first 40 of the series !! And this dance sure did deserve it. Such perfect timing with short, sharp flicks and kicks. The choreography from Pasha was outstanding and the speed those two had on the floor was mind blowing. Not a fault in sight