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Sad to see Vick & Graziano leave the competition, as I think Vick had a lot of potential especially in the ballroom. The Latin dances didn’t suit her as well but I think she would have gotten better with time.


Strictly Update: 21st of October 2018

. On Sunday we had to say goodbye to Katie Piper & Gorka

. Monday saw the beginning for training for Week 5

. The songs & dances were revealed for week 5

. Alfonso Was announced as guest judge to replace Bruno for the week

. Strictly Saturday: saw so many good performances and more standing ovations that I’ve ever seen in one show before. A spectacular Samba from Stacey, the first two couples choice dances in Strictly history and Danny & Amy topped this weeks leaderboard with an outstanding Jive that saw them score the first 10 of the series !!

. Dancer of the week – Charles Venn, after scoring 25 four weeks in a row and being in the dance off twice already, this was his dance. It suited him so well he was made for it. It showed off his skill set perfectly. What a way to bounce back.


Behind the scenes of It Takes Two P.T.2


Behind the scenes of It Takes Two P.T.1


Leaderboard fo week 5

Charles and Danny won the night for me tonight…

Guys make sure ya’ll vote for Charles because he best not be in the bottom too again!


Voting is now open call from your landline or mobile using the number of your favourite above. Or you can vote for free on the strictly website when you register.

Dances – Part 4

Danny and Amy – Jive

Even though you could see he got ever so slightly tired (I mean hes 56), omg this was a full on, amazing jive and all I can say is BLOODY HELL BRUH! This dance was full on from the start of the dance and Amy didn’t even give him time to slow down which made it even more amazing that he stayed in time, kept up his energy and just made it look effortless. It has to be one of the best dances this series because, along with his gorg smile, it was so slick, precise and that retraction was just like a professional! Sometimes I watch him and I can’t even with Danny – he is always so amazing and with Amy, they really are such an amazing couple and… I’m still shooketh about this dance. #YAY

Faye and Gio – Foxtrot

I always love watching these two and Faye’s ability to get in and out of hold while keeping her frame is just amazement. The storyline was so adorable with the song and Gio’s choreography from the sections in hold to the solo parts where just so pure and it just makes me love watching her even more! I sometimes forget that I’m watching a celebrity because Faye is just a natural performer and I think she’s a natural dancer too.

Charles and Karen – Couple’s choice (street/ commercial)

I don’t think it’s fair that they’ve been in the bottom 2 twice because they didn’t deserve it. I am so excited for this because Charles has this natural flair and charisma that will be perfect for this dance, same with Karen. You know what. I had high expectations for this and they were so met! Charles was so cool and it just seemed so effortless that I wanted to get up and join him and Karen. I mean I was sceptical about this dance style but we got to see that Charles can really dance – I mean I couldn’t tell pro from celebrity! It was just so cool and amazing- bruh it was sick af man! I could happily watch this dance everyday and him and Karen are just such a great pairing! #pleasevoteforCharles #funkymaster

Dances – Part 2

Ashley and Pasha – Rumba

You know what, Ashley normally has great technique and lines but, with this dance, you have to connect to the audience and the partner. I don’t know what the judges saw but I just didnt see a passion or this connection the judges want from her. It was like she was just dancing certain moves – it definitely didn’t flow as much as Faye’s and I just didn’t feel anything.

Seann and Katya – Quickstep

Although it wasn’t as good as his dance last week, it was one of his better ballroom dances but still far from perfect. You could tell that he found it really fast and he was struggling to keep the timing and was singing along to try and keep in time. But he had this massive smile on his face and that’s all we can ask when someone struggles with a dance.

Stacey and Kevin – Samba

Considering how hard this dance normally is, Stacey didn’t do half bad did she? You could tell that she wasn’t fully confident with this dance but she slayed in the outift and she really did try her best and it was one of the better sambas I’ve seen on Strictly. The two of them work so nicely together and she’s full of so much personality and charisma – I mean she’s just a joy to watch and maybe Kevin might win this year with her because she’s getting better and better!

Dances – Part 1

Dr Ranj and Janette – American Smooth

Well isn’t Dr Ranj one of the cutest people in the world and this was so much better than his last ballroom dance. Obviously he was full of smiles but I thought his footwork was pretty good and I didn’t see as many issues with his top line and posture compared to the other dances. I loved the choreography from the proper American Smooth content to the solo sections with so much charisma and personality! This dance was so infectious and I just wanted to smile all the way through because it was so adorable. 

Lauren and AJ – Couples Choice (Contemporary)

Isn’t this all a bit different and exciting? I don’t know how I feel about this change yet but it will be exciting to see what the couples do, in particular how they adapt to this kind of dance – especially contemporary which is so hard. To be fair to Lauren, she did try her best and it is such a hard style to do. You can tell that she was putting emotion into it but I just saw a few issues which made not really connect to it or believe it, like the flat feel when she was in the air. I mean it just wasn’t as elegant as I wanted it to be and it all felt a bit forced and rigid… she did try but it is so hard!

Graemme and Oti – Tango

God damn, I am surprised at how awesome this was! From this cheeky and adorable guy, we got this sexy and sultry man in such a passionate and ferocious dance that had me on the edge of my seat! Queen Oti struck again with the choreography and Graemme was technically so much better than normal (great timing, footwork and frame) and emotionally into this dance so much and I loved watching it so much. I disagree with Craig because I thought there was tons of passion and connection between the two of them, I mean that start with the rose was so sexy and I prefer my tangos fierce and intense to sexual anyday!