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Behind the scenes of Week 12 Semi- Final P.T 2


Behind the scenes of Week 12 Semi – Final P.T.1


Backstage of Week 12 Semi-Finals P.T.2


Backstage of Week 12 Semi-Finals P.T.1


Faye & Giovanni – 37 (9,9,9,10) – Samba

Faye has wonderful control over her body, making some wonderful shaping and hip action. She was full of energy and confid3ncd which in this dance you most certainly need. She looked like she was having so much fun and it meant that I was having fun watching her as well. She produced some brilliant movements in there the Samba rolls being a highlight for me

Argentine Tango – 39 (9,10,10,10)

This is why the Argentine Tango is my favourite dance of all time, when it is done properly, just like these two, it is so magical and so special and can create an unforgettable moment. Her legs were true perfection and she had complete control of what she was going, her positioning and shaping was to die for, and I mean dancing with Giovanni alsways helps as well. Absolutely stunning and in my opinion deserved a 40, I’m not quite sure why Craig only gave it a 9


Lauren & AJ – 31 (7,8,8,8) – Tango

Another great ballroom dance from Lauren, they were definetly her strong suit. She has definetly grown in confidence and I think that it is partly due to her having to get into characters, like she did for this one, it allowed her to become someelse and not be so vulnerable. She was a powerhouse and I really enjoyed this dance.

Samba – 23 (5,6,6,6)

Unfortunealy, her Latin has never been her best and this Samba was no different. There were a few awkward moments and she didn’t look as comfortable out of hold and without a character.


Ashley & Pasha – 36 (9,9,9,9) – Paso Doble

This dance has the right amount of drama and intensity, you could see Ashley really getting into the character for the dance. She produced some wonderful lines and shape. But unfortunately, for me it seemed to forced and placed, as though you could predict the next move.

American Smooth – 40 (10,10,10,10)

This dance was fantastic, as always Ashley nailed the character, it was fun and cheeky, with the righ amount of dance as well as performance. Some fantastic lifts in there which were a big risk, and the section they did on top of the car was perfect.


Joe & Dianne – 29 (6,8,7,8) – Viennese Waltz

A very heartfelt and romantic routine from Joe & Dianne, and I think he is very good at ballroom dances normall, but for whatever reason this dance just didn’t connect with me at all. On a technical side, the judges were right, there was too much rise and fall and I also didn’t see much turning so it didn’t feel like a Viennese waltz at all to me.

Argentine Tango – 30 (6,8,8,8)

This was an awkward dance to watch in my opinion. Joe didn’t have the strength to lift Diane and really grasp the feel of the dance. It felt forced as well making it loose its magic, I wasn’t to keen on the theme of the dance either, it took away from the whole Argentine Tango passion and intensity that it should have. It was a good effort, but I don’t think it was a dance made for Joe unfortunately.


Stacey & Kevin – 39 (9,10,10,10) – Charleston

A fun filled routine, that suited Stacey so well. We got to see her cheeky personality and the great relationship these two have. I always love seeing this side of Stacey, it’s nice seeing her have fun. Such a brilliant routine as well.

Viennese Waltz – 36 (8,9,10,9)

Something more understated and subtle from the pair, it’s nice to see the other side of Stacey as well. And her doing two completely different dances so well also shows how good she really is and that she is an all rounder.


The songs & dances revealed for Week 13 – The Final ! Including the songs they will be dancing to for their showdance. Their favourite dance from previous weeks that they choose to perform again will be revealed on the Saturday.