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The best of Simon Rimmer

Simon & Karen – American Smooth – 16 (2,5,5,4)

I actually liked this routine Simon was really good at ballroom and had improved a lot since the beginning. It was sad to see him go and not to see him in the show anymore.

Sad to see Simon go but after three dance off his time had come. He had made such improvement with his dancing in both the Latin and the ballroom and really went into the show head on and I’m so glad he did.

2/2 stills from last night’s Halloween Special

I really hope that Simon can do well this week because I don’t want to see him in the dance off again (but I don’t want Jonnie or Susan there though).

Once again, Simon is really trying with his frame and his footwork, I think the former is much better but I liked seeing him attempt a fleckle. He is also trying to put swing and sway into it to really make it a nice character driven dance. It seems as if those with less dance ability have the better relationship with their partner and really just dance it with charisma and pizazz! It was funny and slightly charming maybe not perfect in technique! I do just love seeing Simon improve and I think his posture is still good!

Simon & Karen – Charleston – 16 (5,5,6)

A fun dance from Simon, I think he did incredibly well especially at the end when the music picked up considerably. He has improved so much since week one.

2/2 stills from all the couples last night

Bless Simon’s little socks! He was trying so hard and really did put his whole heart and soul into this dance! Okay there wasn’t that much swivel, some of the timing was off and not all the moves were executed correctly but I loved watching this dance so much! He had the most perfect faces throughout, even if Darcey said he didn’t, and I love the interactions he has with Karen. It may have not been technically perfect but it was one for the audience at home to enjoy!

Simon Rimmer & Karen Clifton – Samba – 19 (4, 5, 5, 5)

Such a fun dance, a shame about the scores. Ballroom is definitely Simon’s better style, but he is improving every week. It was lovely to see him having fun, getting into it and not holding back, which is so important when performing the Samba but also taking part in the show in general.

Karen looks stunning as always and Simon looks so colourful that I just want to party with him. You know what, technically it’s not the best but this dance is just so much fun! He is literally throwing everything into this dance and is attempting to do those standard salsa moves and throw some sass into it, even if it did come across slightly camp! Karen put a lot of content into this dance and Simon did try his hardest. But, to be fair, I don’t care about his technique because it was so fun to watch and I just couldn’t stop smiling! He is such a joy and him and Karen are perfect together!