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Not going to lie, I was sad when I found out that they weren’t doing the Paso but I did love their Charleston, it was so cute and magnificent! It was even as good the second time around and I was just smiling from ear to ear all the way throughout! It had that same amazing swivel, synchronicity and personality – I mean what else could you want in a Charleston, they both looked like cute soldiers that I just want under my tree! It perfectly ends their dance journey and shows how far they’ve come and what an amazing partnership they are together. I am going to miss watching the two of these dance and I can’t wait watch these dances again and again! 

This dance really shows how much Gemma has improved and the tears at the end really show how close the two of them got together and how well they work together! It was beautiful in Blackpool and it was even better now, she was elegant and sophisticated with beautiful mannerisms throughout. I like how she isn’t aware of how good she’s become and that she creates magic when she dances with Aljaz! I am so happy she got to the final as a fellow Northerner and she deserves it all!

This was so much better than the last time and I don’t blame Gio for his emotion. It was as quick and staccato as before and I just cannot say anything but Debbeh is definitely such an inspiration when she dances. She puts her past into her dance and does everything with passion and emotion! If I couldn’t see her face, I would think that she was in her early 20s because she doesn’t seem to phase in energy or ability! The two of them have this chemistry thats undeniable and I am so happy!

This dance was so unique and memorable so I am ecstatic that they’re doing it again! What can I even say, it was as good, if not better, than the first time she danced it! It was full of energy and sass, it had everything that I love in a jive: stacatto, quick kicks and flicks and just pure energy! I don’t even know what else to say but this girl has so much passion and fire – this dance has to go down in Strictly history because its magnificent!

We all know what Katya’s like with choreography so I expect it to be full on! My heart was gone on the word Cinderella, as probably the biggest Disney fan ever, this melts my heart and I would happily take Joe as my Prince Charming. Wasn’t that pure perfection? From those amazing outfit changes to Joe’s charmingness and that beautiful content! There was charleston, ballroom and such passion! The best thing about Joe is always his characterisation and that was perfectly portrayed throughout and I can imagine watching this day after day because it transported me away from my shitty life and made me feel like I was back in Disney. It wasn’t the most dynamic but it made me feel something, it had that showbiz with the lifts but it was so subtle and magical that I wanted to be Katya <3

This is probably my favourite song ever danced to a showdance and I know that Gemma and Aljaz will do it justice init! Oh, it was all going so well! She slayed from the start and had some amazing content from all their best dances: we saw quickstep, charleston and some sassy Gemma. It was such a shame that she messed up on that lift because it could’ve been her best dance! She really put her all into this song, which is what you need, and she lost all her inhibitions and just played that seductive and sultry character! This dance is something I would love to do because it was everything I dream to be: obvs not a burlesque dancer but sexy and sultry… I may have to re-enact this dance in my room!

Aaaw this is the cutest start to a showdance ever and I think Debbeh looks absolutely stunning, doesn’t she? – so does Gio of course but more handsome! I know most people like pow pow dances but I love the message and subtly behind it from the emotional song to the dainty and elegant choreography. I almost feel like I’m watching something out of a Disney film, a love story. It had every element that she’s good at, from those magnificent lines to those high risk lifts that we know them for! I honestly think that, no matter the age gap, Gio and Debbeh are the cutest couple in the world – I am so happy with this dance and I am surprised I didn’t cry.