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Congrats to last night’s tour winners Susan and Kevin and today’s matinee winners Joe and Katya!


Susan was such a joy to watch throughout the whole series. Knowing she got to live out her dream of being on the show and being paired with Kevin made me so happy, but seeing her leave was so sad.

I know that others may have different views, these awards are decided by my own opinion

The winners of BEST SET/PROP are SUSAN & KEVIN

Kevin has always gone full out of themed weeks and this series was no different, with a game of thrones themed routine for Halloween that proved a massive success. The dragon in the background was fantastic, the Set department did a fantastic job as always.

I know that others may have different views, these awards are decided by my own opinion

The best of Susan Calman

Susan & Kevin 21 (4,6,5,6) American Smooth

Absolutely loved this dance. The choreography was brilliant as always by Kevin and the song choice was spot on. It was so happy and joyous and Susan did a wonderful job with the acting as she has done through the show. So sad to see her go, the happiness she brought to the show will be truly missed.

Such an emotional goodbye to Susan & Kevin they provided us with such joy and happiness. I am so glad that Susan got to live her dream of dancing with Kevin. She improved so much throughout the show and performed some fantastic routines. She gave every dance her absolute all and I’m so pleased she did. I have loved watching her on the show.

All the couples dancing in the Paso Doble-a-thon

God I don’t even know what to write her because there were just so many things happening in this dance but here’y my points:

– Davood looked extremely dapper in that outfit

– Susan looked out of her depth but really did try

– Kevin didnt look shocked at all when they got eliminated but looked cute when their name got called out

– Molly looked fairly tired toward the end

– Alexandra slayed with her facial expressions

– I expected more from Debbie, if I’m honest


Even though she isn’t the best technical dancer, I love watching her and my lil Kevin dancing every week and you can’t deny that the story of the dance is always adorable! it felt like Kevin really worked to her advantage by doing most of the dance but she was nice and light in the lifts and she didn’t seem clunky and heavy. It was a pure joy to watch her, as usual but I do think it might be time for her to go because there are much better dancers in the show. Kevin has done amazing with her this year and all of the dances have been so nice to watch and have been adorable stories of love, friendship and surprising! There was a lot of content, even though it wasn’t all Foxtrot, and she didn’t miss a beat or step!

Susan & Kevin – Paso Doble – 25 (5,6,7,7)

A fantastic dance for Blackpool, performed brilliantly by Susan. As always Kevin’s choreography was outstanding and the flamenco section was really beautiful, Susan did a wonderful job keeping in time with the beat it created a wonderful build and atmosphere to the dance.