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Vick & Graziano – Mamma Mia – Salsa – (6, 7, 7, 7) 27

Such an improvement in Vick’s Latin this week, I was happily surprised. I think she will definitely become stronger throughout the show. A fun and cheeky routine buy Graziano as well. All together a very nice opening to the show.


Vick & Graziano – Waltz ( 7, 7, 6, 7 ) 27

Oh my what an improvement from last week!! Shirley is completely right, Vick was made for ballroom. Last week she struggled to control her limbs, but this week her arm movements and hand placements were beautiful. It was a stunning dance to watch and I really do think she will excel in the ballroom dances, and with a boost in her confidence hopefully her Latin will too.


Vick & Graziano – Jive ( 3, 4, 5, 6 ) 18

For a first dance I think it was a relitavley good start. However I think she has a long way to go, which is a good think as a big part of the show is seeing the celebrities improve throughout the show and if she is in long enough then she will definitely be one of those contestants. I think because of how tall Vick is, she will suit ballroom more and so am looking forward to seeing her do that.


Official couple photo – Vick & Graziano #teamhaircouple


Oh no Vick can’t click !!! Take a look at Vick & Graziano in training for Week 1


12 Days until Week 1 of Strictly 2018 !!!


The next pairing to be revealed is Vick & Graziano

So guys, that’s the line-up complete! Who do y…

Here’s to the next few months!

Girls Pairing – Part 1

Kate Silverton – Aljaz Skorjanec

I mean it seemed the best suited because of the height and stuff – I do have high hopes because of how well newsreaders like Susanna Reid and Natasha Kaplinsky did. She’s going to have a great time with Aljaz and I’m so excited to see what they do in the next few weeks!

Vick Hope – Graziano 

Well, are SCD trying to set up another couple or the couple with best hair? I can’t really say much because I don’t know much about him as a pro dancer but god they look good together and I think she’s going to be great with her music passion and the few dance moves I saw when they did their entrances!

Faye Tozer – Giovanni Pernice

This is going to be a firey couple and who can’t enjoy this experience with the gorgeous Italian Stallion. I know that Faye’s going to be *I hope* with that whole music career and the fact that steps are well known for their dancing. I really hope she does well and she’s one of my front runners.

Susanna Constantine – Anton Du Beke

Was this a bit obvious on Strictly’s part? I mean they put Anton with the elder woman who everyone assumes isn’t going to great. I know that she’s going to be tons of fun and I’m so excited to see the two of them together because that banter will be unreal.


Meet Vick Hope