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The award for most emotional departure goes to Will & Janette

The way in which Will had to leave the competition was heartbreaking, the fact that it wasn’t through public vote and getting the chance to prove himself in a dance off but rather through injury was so sad. He was doing so well and I loved watching him each week so for his time on the show to end so abruptly and with a nasty accident didn’t do him any justice.

I know that others may have different views, these awards are decided by my own opinion


This weeks dance of the week is Will & Janette’s Couples choice contemporary

I have no other words to describe this than stunning.

Will & Janette – Contemporary – 7, 8, 8, 9 32

OMG I was an absolute sobbing mess through his whole routine. Will is a true inspiration, to learn about his life and to see how far he has come is amazing. This was such a beautiful dance and I have to give credit to Janette for choreographing a dance that Will was able to excel at. He was so controlled in the lifts and never looked like he was going to drop her.

Will & Janette – Foxtrot – 6, 6, 6, 6 24

Will had a good top line, he showed janette off really well, maintained elegance and kept in character throughout the entire routine. Fantastic improvement from Will and it was nice to see him do a slow ballroom as well. I agree with craig that he needs it can be a bit staccato and needs to soften up when he finishes a move and when changing directions on the floor.

Will & Janette – Pokemon the Movie – Paso Doble – 6, 6, 5, 6 23

This was so much fun to watch, Will had brilliant attack and commitment throughout the dance and I agree with Craig when he said that Will had good intent and placement. I think he had really good shaping and Janette pushed him with the choreography which is great to see. I Love to watch him each week he really warms my heart.

Dance of the week this week is Will & Janette’s Salsa

Such a wonderful dance full of fun and joy. He brings a smile to my face eyerytime I see him dance. He did some true Salsa content and did lifts that I think he didn’t know he was capable of.

Will & Janette – Salsa – 6, 6, 6, 6 24

Lots of fun, and Will has so much joy that it spreads to the audience in the studio but also everyone at home. He had some really good technical elements and can only improve, you can tell he is loving every minute of doing the show. The lifts were great and fab hip movements, and as Shirley said Will is what strictly is all about brining fun and joy to everyone whilst also giving it everything he has got and loving every minute of it.

Will Bayley MBE Official Strictly Photo 2019

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